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done by the local inspectors for the past three years and while the

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frequently failed. The best results have been obtained from the use of

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mum regard to the integrity of the maternal tissues

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Since this subject was first brought to the attention of the medical

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to be seen occurring in these endothelial cells at an earlier period than

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health which this Association so much desired. He next referred to

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been so long applied as a mask for imperfectly known diseases is now

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place into the air sacs while the more the patient is weakened

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unhealthiness is also produced where the subsoil is loaded with stagnant

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the cloaca two varieties of epithelium meet the mesodermic

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sent a fair appearance. Is two months pregnant. Ordered

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extended and the fingers tightly clenched. It was almost impos

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kets were needed at night. He pictured the facility with

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tion. In this illustration the atoms of hydrogen are marked

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selves and some brown patches appeared below the shoulder and towards

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lesion being suppurative or furnishing a portal of entrance for germs. In a

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the former five patients had died a mortality of fourteen per

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cartilage with partial removal of the larynx is gaining ground over

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because it happens to be associated with the so called cold stage of

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had recovered excepting cases of intussusception which

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did not always arrest the passing attention in general surgery it was

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