result. There should also be taken into consideration the facts that

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this method, has not yet met with any untoward effects. In young children

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substance is most marked in recently isolated virulent strains, and is

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we should have a faithful index of its real acidity. This measurement

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unit, like the metre, but almost as exact and unvary-

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blood, generally afford a sufficient range of colours.

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Some conception of the magnitude of the labors performed in

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confess, however, that the positive result which might thus be obtained, would

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ski saw improvement set in simultaneously with the discharge of

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Art. 191. — A Mode of Operating for Radical Cure of Varicocele.

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In children it is much more rapid. In fevers it rises considerably.

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grown on the surface of glycerine bouillon and after concentration filtered

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not expect any direct effect from the oxidation of this

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Assistant Attending Pediatrician, New York Hospital.

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tion insane. The families came from a secluded district,

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caused me to hesitate, and kept my mind in suspense : it was the ab-

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Marriages of the Deaf in America: An Inquiry concerning the

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doses of from five to ten grains should be given every three