of animal rabies cases reported to CDC approximately
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sive glandular area exposed to view which can be much
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tion of oak bark with wonderful success. In men I have suc
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the use of sparteine in the treatment of disease and
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end of the third day he became furiously mad biting at every
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II. Proteolytic Enzymes. There has been and I thinlc
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come here and give himself out as the successor to the
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of the Legion of Honor and Officer of the Academy of
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Gastritis it has been stated that this disease when limited
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weigh the indications and decide each case upon its own re
tion. The distinction between secondary and tertiary lesions is often more
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trunk and limbs must be given at some length. In my
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one day I found myself suddenly famous among the Indians as a
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before necropsy prior to the advent of the roentgen rays. Occasionally
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viously the hair removed the skin washed with soap and
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tor in the accompli shment of important results in other directions
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nearly every tooth in his mouth. In a man of his age
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after a so called cure hence the importance of critically examining the eye
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aseptic precautions were taken. A vertical incision
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fore be only looked upon as accidental concomitants.
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local board of health will take charge of these matters.
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Uar and other eruptions that sometimes coexist with the rash of