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few superficial ulcers in the sigmoid flexure ; the rectum much reddened

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ible matter, as when the hard coriaceous species is eaten ; and

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continued through the crico-thyroidean ligament, the cricoid

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In this connection I will say a word as to the long-accepted doc-

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circulate freely enough by means of exercise, yet it has not sufficient

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especially the fact that such states were often relieved by treat-

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into the three stages which, ever since his time, have been accepted. He

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term commitment has been made to vaccine development;

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does his method differ essentially from the method of

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but excellent application for sores, scalds, burns, etc.

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During the first eight or ten years of child-life, the amount of mental

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and irregular, and always accompanied with severe pain. Exces-

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McCaskey, 7 have emphasized the importance of basal metabolism