embolism. I recollect a young woman affected with peri-uterine
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John J. Crosby, Jr., M.D. (1984) (Hudson) Jersey City
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" Every one who has served in a great fleet must have remarked
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recognized as important predisposing causes, and clinical observations point
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the methods described in this book are to be commended. Surely at
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cells were never over 2 per cent., except five days after transfusion, when they
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ispalmer, W. W., and Henderson, L. J.: Arch, Int. Med., 1913, xii, 153.
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individuals, it is impossible to consider the individual by him-
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amount of congestion of the tongue and upper air passages. The
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decided upon, six months is necessary in all cases, and in a large
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this kind. So far as we are concerned in our present inquiry, exact deter-
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primarily in the ethmoid, but it may extend into it, and
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woman, and his father came of a strong and able stock. The
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in imitation of a shower of rain, running off in the
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Housing, two rooms for seven persons; cleanliness, poor; diet, poor in protein,
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wanders further into the system and causes inflammation;
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Association, November 4 and 5, in Chicago. These con-
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in May the patient was able to move about on crutches. From the last date
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lungs, the oxygen unites with it, and the nitrogen and
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fa_^ces is only incited by the will, but represents really an
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We present to our readers in this number a very eloquent
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examined without reference to any existing lesions. The cause may
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by Irish Latin writers, into which the most ancient
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can easily see that it will supi)ly a want felt by many
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by the silent operation of her own forces, in the cure of disease;"
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Pure tea is not turned black by cold infusion in water,
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tated when the attention of investigators is drawn to the importance
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riiigge gives the following list of the chief products of bac-
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among the very few articles in veterinary medicines capable
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death records, and walked the neighborhood, seeking patterns. His
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be understood that after they leave us they must lead
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and 22 inches wide, made fast to two poles 7^ feet long, and stretched
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orifice, to the force of the left auricle. Temporary
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tution, acts no inconsiderable part in repelling some agents, which, in other
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mouthed with astonishment." would l>e moie accurately replaced
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crouches; in order to warm his tea, he is supplied with a