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medical education which require to be remedied the men who

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A friend and myself when abroad had many cases of cataract.

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year we have kept in mind certain principles which we deem

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Differentiate acute cystitis and acute prostatitis.

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orbitosphenoid the bone which is alisphenoid according to the theory

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De la Nulllte des Pretendus faits de Contagion observes a Barcelone en

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The patients themselves were extremely interesting and

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Pain precedes the palsy and attends recovery of power. During the

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several niontlis of the time liy the ijlaster ot Paris

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ammonia and spirit of Mindererus. the hitter being a mixture of acetate of

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ravaging the countries of the East invading the borders of the Medi

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tion. The liver and the kidneys are also sometimes affected.

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nized and generally offer so much difficulty in diagnosis is that

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CirrhoMis of the Liver in Childhood. By William A. Edwards

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not to confuse these oval shapes with those seen in roughly pre

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the nerve a slow secretion begins in the gland and keeps

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cause of the mildness of their infection or delay in being

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confidence in his skill was the only barrier to that relief and

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may sometimes be checked by the excision of the adjacent

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indicate independent locomotion though a further observation of

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costly that but few doctors entering the profession

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dividing partitions floors and ceilings air tight. This point is well

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The may be heard in all diseases in which the pleura is

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to the shock room still on the same inclined hot table.

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Of clarified honey thrice the weight of all the rest. The in

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born and the law of mass action unrecognized. Zuntz nevertheless did

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generation or coarse disease and it is only to be thought

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temperature and an increased quantity of urea always existed

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shape of these cysts in the different localities of the body wheresoever

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Chief stress is laid upon local treatment the chief indications

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at Washington in May of that year. The Committee was the

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May it was resolved to carry out the recommendation of the

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as this organ is unremittingly exposed to its influence.

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thai the sputum was increased when the external discharge diminished

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but before it has had time to begin its work of devastation and

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no naked eye lesion to account for the convulsions.

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has it been impressed on all young practitioners that a man who

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The cavity of the aneurism generally contains thrombotic layers

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in obtaining copies of the sanitary laws of European countries we will only

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almost all of the male sex who were attacked by the disease sixty

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in Detroit in a few weeks that this so called professor held

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