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Contact Dr Stephen L. Smith, 310 Torbet, Richland, WA

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by Drs. Seymour, Charlton, Henderson and others. A resolution by

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reasons for the administration of nuclein. Of one thing, all

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once prepared to recognize the value of LITHIATED HYDRANGEA in

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the induction of anaesthesia by various narcotics (as

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emy. The entire cost, including land, etc., was about $200,000.

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Physician, and Mr. Wm. J. Stuart, Assistant Surgeon.

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The diarrhoea then, in her case, arose in the same way that we

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physiological relations ? Can it be for a moment supposed that two

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tried the patience of Coleridge, and the Reverend John

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balsam and syrup ever heard of has been tasted, tried,

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quantities of the various reagents that their results cannot be compared with

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of the tube around it. The other piece of tube is tied behind, brought over to

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with care, causes a loss of one quarter of the day's ration.

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mind a very clear conception of the anatomy of the abdominal

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Syphilis, certain remedies in the treatment of, 208 ;

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ized water or bouillon. This forms the suspension to be injected.

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Bleeding has gone out of fashion, to the advantage of the patient, for rheuma-

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stances were lodged, and acted as sources of irritation to them.

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but the growth and thrift, it seems, remain more or less

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The liquid parts of the blood ooze out in excess through

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intend to suture the peritoneum and the deep muscles to prevent

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was overcome with purgatives and quinine. Lymphatic adenitis

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The capillary tube is threaded, stitch-wise, through two slits in a small

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stance, that no efficient substitute for it has yet

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along with stimulation of the activity of the gland cells.

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it has been practised since the beginning of time. Only in recent years

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stitution, exerted himself more than usual in gymnastic ever

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The exudate of a pneumococcus empyema is odorless, thick, greenish-

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eighty-nine ; and of triplets one in two hundred and twenty-

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ureter, and having again subsequently entered the bladder