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their symptoms, and have had so little help from medi-

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or by puncturing pneumonic tissue and producing a closed pneumo-

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for two weeks, and strain. This medicine no farmer can very

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matter under the flesh, where it diffuses and distributes

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Santos, has vaccinated 53 persons, with no case of death

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A few applications of a portion of the above will have the effect

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duced its peculiar influence upon the system. Headland has advanced

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diameter be used, the opening made will not be large

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childbirth, and septic infection, and many of these deaths could without

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by way of the middle peduncle into the pons, to the surface, becoming sub-

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complete occlusion. Of course this mechanism will only become effective

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latina poison. I do not pretend to explain how, why, or where-

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per c^it, and according to the post returns, 1^ per cent As in the

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Where administration by either stomach or hypodermic injection is

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MoNSARRAT, K. "\V., Two Cases of Renal Sarcoma in Children ; with some

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tal syphilis, will prevent this error. The fact that the swelling is epiphyseal

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comfortable dunng the time necessary for recovery to take

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R. A. Marmion, medical director, promoted to medical di-

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I HA\'E not found it by any means easy to get a title which will

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Some months ago, you saw me prescribe this treatment for a child

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less than one in diameter. They were firmly fixed, by their little

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the slimy matter, so that it wiped clean. I then cut

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plete excision he uses Halm's incision above the pa-

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pregnancy was concurred in by three practitioners, and the

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ditions. They are described hereafter under their respective heads.

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there must be rendered an unfavorable, as well as a

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finds a causal relation for the association of fissures of

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filled with serum. The posterior horn of the lateral

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of the aorta is retained, and partly to obstruction of

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found in 19 out of 105 cases at autopsy and 3 others showed swelling of the

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rich pastries, nor shingle nails ; but there are thousands of practi ces

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eye, used in the legend concerning the witch seen by the Apostles on the

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they never give rise to the renal affection in question. It is true

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