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or hydronephrosis. In all these instances the vomiting is at-
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adult. An exclusive meat diet, or one entirely vegetable^
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ical discharges frequently occur, in the form of diarrhoea or epistazis.
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enced difficulty in swallowing solids, and subsequently in swal-
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In the upjper extremity bursae are very numerous. An important one
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The absolute values for the limiting concentration of these dif-
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The pea belongs to the class of plants known as hardy
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' Persons employed in hospitals and ambulances, comprising the staff
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fatal. Dr. H. C. Wood, Jun.,-f- adds 13 cases of which 7
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remembrance which is better than fame. Pardon my digres-
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tipped catheter being used. Resistance was again met at 15 cm., but
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porter attempted to follow him, but the patient became faint, and
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connection with the cases to which they refer, and therefore more likely
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from the columns of the British Medical Journal of the 18th of October
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Francis Minot, long associated with the best interests
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Histologically, the interstitial tissue and the glomeruli are normal, except
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experience to resist the organic poison which proved so
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as far as the number of vessels with at least 70 percent
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The facts that intercounty practice became general and that physicians of dif-
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An accidental discovery by Letulle shows that cosin and caustic
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Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, Vol. 1, No. 2. Long-
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made acquainted with our actual condition. The discovery
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Of the 401 fleas caught on the " Tanglefoot " pajwrs, 221, or
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better, well to the right of the cervix, on the lateral wall, the
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Dr. Henry D. Noyes, Dr. T. C. Finnell, and Dr. J. W. S.
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the earliest possible period, prophylactic drugs, of which those