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posterior border of the left cerebellum. General contusion.

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trachea. To avoid making pressure on the vessels I placed

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tions in the presence or absence of emotional excitement. The rate

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of Quebec and Montreal. In the almost total absence of trained and

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the child that the asafoetida should be continued as before by mouth

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The loop is usually found distended with gas fluid or both

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selves to dift erent changes as are our other tissues.

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disease on both sides. In her previous five pregnancies

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size between and fx. Its nucleus is very irregular and convoluted

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across the internal malleolus and opened the joint. All the wounds

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measurements of the horizontal circumference of the

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it unnecessary to direct any medicine but desired that he

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during the period of a year in eighty nine cases gave no deaths

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in I referred to a few of the many difficulties with

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tion of screws supporting little brass wheels around which

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only slightly under the infiuence of liquor and that after th h

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with marked improvement. Goodman commenting on this

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ment and flattered themselves upon their superior skill

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tubercle bacillus fibrous changes and an accumulation of leukocytes could

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may become hemorrhagic. Sometimes the rash assumes an eczematous

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titioner more than another it is the native. To re

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which was however remedied by slight pressui e with the fore

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chlorid. A solution of per cent corrosive sublimate in

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the child of moderate activity are extraordinarily high for the early

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limit of exposure. In the case of linen suitable arrangements have

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tarana was the only avideot pathoki condition. Dr. Hotz

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be expected to suffer most from the supposed cause hay pollen. Even where

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as the dropsy is sthenic or asthenic on principles that have been so

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Lavandula vera herb after flowering Sept. Soureittas Ea.

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owing to escape of ordinary lighting gas and more especially is this dangerous