were found in cover-glass preparations of the lung-juice.

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practice who are seeing continually both contagious

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Compared with other treatments of typhoid fever, the superiority of the

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used a strong solution of salt on his own account, which produced retention

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skin, mucous membrane, tendon, liver. Its pathological

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knowledge of the claimant's condition and prospects,

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tion. You get occlusion of the cystic duct with retention of the mucous

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from the curative power manifested in that case, that so large a

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CARDIZEM is indicated in the management of chronic stable

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our care, of tuberculous habit, seemed to make- rapid strides towards

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118 Dr. B*owlor*8 Case o/DUeaae of the Aortic ^ Mitral Valves.

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Briefly put, the merit of the salt pack lies in the ease with

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present at intervals in some cases, though more persistent in

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2. Opening of the sinus. — The anterior wall is opened with the chisel

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ful search of both teased and sectioned preparations of nerves,

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done, I would carefully wash out the organ with a 1 to 20

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patient suffering with such an affection, who passed in twelve

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199 cases, varying in age from eleven to sixteen years,

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for if three bearers accompany the stretcher. On the arrival of

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attenuants, and as such they take the place of the simple barley

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prevention. Nothing short of general infection will

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trephine and button. You will observe a marked depression on the

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additional important published source identified by

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We will repair this as we did the opposite side — reforming

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erations, until the printing press came to perpetuate

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fitted with a metallic screw-top, which serves as a measure. The pre-

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Arsenal, III, has requested reports of several army veterinarians

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an animal so treated becomes insensible, stupid and finally as-

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marshal their facts to telling purpose. Then, too, the responsibility

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thrcMgin^ his poiion physic after him, the friends, in their

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reference to one of the jn'incipal causes of the epi-

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During the intermissions of the disease, the microscopic exami-

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The present study was undertaken as a continuation of work begun

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co-operating conditions, which may properly be called predis-

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the woman when under examination, which will prevent the secretion

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The patient was an ideal subject for metabolism study. He was

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finally, that it is the individual who needs treatment, not the disease. When

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Nicholson, Whitehead. Owen, Clarke, Donkin, C. Mac Nainara,

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latter that are specially concerned in wound infections. Micro-