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epidemic form was very apt to progress along local lines of travel. Many

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Complications met with after Removal of Tonsils and Adenoids

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toms appear. When the disease has fully developed the animals

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in all true inflammations. In acute rheumatism it is generally

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conclusions can be drawn at the expiration of two months.

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and the possibility of tuberculous ulceration in a syphilitic subject must

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cation with their real friends. Accidental visitors avoid them or

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when the sensorium awakes up from its sleep or reposes from

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death into which pieces of iron had been introduced and three on

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movements of the head and chest and also exercising

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the morphology of this species is that described for the vegetative stage of

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not controlled by the tubes but required tamponing. This incident

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Illinois Missouri Iowa and other states requiring a high standard

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prognosis and that the older the patient is when asthma begins no

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To the first and second questions submitted by A. our response is

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opment of more satisfactory methods the accident has become

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Preparation of Antiserums. In the preparation of antiserums various

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tients. The list of hospitals for incurables is given as

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of Wisconsin and Paul R. Howard of Nebraska to the rank

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Moral Insanity. As this form of insanity has never been recog

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grain of this compound must be triturated with another hundred

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consciousness has been so instantaneously lost that the emotional

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Arnold Charles J.E. AB Ohio Wesleyan University MD University of Cincinnati Col

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antimonial powder practised in the foregoing cases was to

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classed under the more comprehensive and preferable