be much to choose between this and Simpson's method of com-

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for a day or two previously the child has been able to breathe for

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epithelium more or less desquamated. The submucous tissue is always infiltrated

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noble work, I must say that it was to the wonderful


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reservation and feed them as civilized people feed themselves,

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ance of the hernia. It is a cure in the sense that the ordi-

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to avoid the chance of trusting such vital scientific interests to the mere

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book : " Beat the white of an egg to a froth, and mix well with

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enough to make a batter. Bake in round tins, and when almost

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hyena, or a famished wolf, has feasted on putrid ani-

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sharply demarcated from the surrounding normal tissue, but which

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the patient how to prepare it herself — of a very domestic remedy,

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and aching of the arm below the elbow, but sensation was found

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now come to the conclusion that many of the conditions he then thought to be

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These eases make it clear that the successful treatment of glioma

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are, hke the case described by Dr. Hunter, properly termed retrover-

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As will be seen by Bulletin No. 30, we made a fairly suc-

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hand seizes the larynx as if to remove some obstruction ; or the

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2. Because they have a central vessel, which these others do not.

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Vaughan Harley, who, whilst undergoing muscular labour

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Santo Tomas Hospital, which is to be located in the suburbs of the city

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tion to population, Liverpool being second, and London third.

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ordinary professional spiritualists and mind-readers.

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welcome and will be published as space permits. The princi-

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organization was ever effected. Under such circumstances, I

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elements of the blood — the coiT)UScles — are lost.

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tare vent, and administer at least two or three doses of salti^ oi

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nical error. The proportion of plasma and corpuscles as indicated by

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3 drams are sufficient) and the wound sutured and treated as

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In the past two and one-half years I have had the opportunity of

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the nervous system. In the first case in which he had

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board will investigate and report upon the following: (1) Physical

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The same authority adds, regarding mouth-breathing: "Every

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evidence that such diseases as hysteria,- catalepsy,

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Now put equal proportions of jelly and milk into a china lined

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depends on the fact that the surface of the platinum in the former case

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