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referable to the heart are often scanty and indefinite.
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Disinfectants. On account of the resistance of the virus to
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somewhat enlarged ovaries and even in the presence of large ovarian
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diffusible stimulant is indicated. If at once available chloric ether Hoff
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the disease. This is not true of the non pathogenic bac
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every way perfectly developed save the nose as shown in Figure.
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words. While recognising that a clinical examination
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diagnostic point of view to which I would especially direct
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vaginal examination made no feverishness no offensive discharge.
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use of the ultra microscope a certain method of diagnos
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Thus Weinberg and Seguin.than whom none has been more suc
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rences guarding against secondary arterial hemorrhage
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record where a needle removed from the larynx about an
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than one who has the same disabilities in other respects but in whom
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as well as the mesenteric glands are moderately swollen Hora
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July Cultures negative for diphtheria bacilli. Sent to operating room
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plicated and other factors which will be considered
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some part of the mucous membrane of the urinary ap
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antitoxin being available the patient did not receive
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ing it. Two methods of attenuation had been described
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important testimony either for or against the pris
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Adam s apple. This condition causes the passage through
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of the embryology of the thyroid after which he reported
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air is aspirated into the stomach and brought up by
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see that they were paid sufficiently for what was afforded to the public
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paralysis was the pressure of enlarged indurated glands which were
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This pamphlet will doubtless prove useful though chiefly so to its