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of remitting fever resulted. In the same manner the
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tion but flatus passed freely from the rectum. On the
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upon its transverse axis. The testicle of the ruminant
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decided particular indications for the choice of it in these
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ensuing session of the Association upon all matters
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lungs. Expiration is prolonged and also wheezy. The number of respirations
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disease especially in young adults. It follows acute diffuse nephritis
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A Contribution to the Study of Long continued Fevers. By Herbert
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time in spite of injections weak and strong and of all kinds
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In conclusion he called attention to the fact that he
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coarse and choreiform and gradually extends to other muscles. There is
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berculin in Colorado I see but little justification. Its use
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tuberculosis were more or less closely allied. The tubercu
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health and spirits but is forbidden to mount it because of a petty
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uterus inasmuch as they interfere with the mechanism
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The symptomatology mental and physical the diagnosis the pathology and forms
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phasize was that in case of cerebellar tumor the head was
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from amaurotic family idiocy in that in the latter the symptoms increase
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the consequent point on the skull with which it was in
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mation which causes hypertrophy acute inflammation rarely does
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such veterans in sanitary science as Dammann state that it is im
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certain of the visiting surgeons as follows Lord Lister
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Diarrhoea was sometimes an urgent symptom occurring at