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Previous history. Rheumatic fever last Christmas. Had

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are separate entirely. It is the latter type which is

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penetrated the duodenum..Autopsy showed a perfectly

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stances otherwise inert. Minute division and the solubility

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but not certifiable under the existing Lunacy Acts. They are

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scribe medicine for the cure of the disease. Common

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Whereas The members of the Clinton County Medical Society did

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held and at the end of three hours the remainder is administered.

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Significa nce to Biomedical Research and the Program of the Institute

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besides myself have seen following even mild cases of measles.

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recently died of malignant diphtheria contracted it is

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pear before it is regurgitated being lower as this is greater it is

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drachm upward in various other oleaginous vehicles.

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tities. On no account must stimulants be given except when expressly ordered

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the muscular respiration since it is in connection with the phrenic nerve

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age who had never menstruated. Examination disclosed absence

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breweries marshy pastures cold and damp bad hygiene amp c.

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cerate medicated with iodine eighteen grains and iodide of potas

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tions such as anorexia insomnia lassitude and chilliness alternating

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As to examination and treatment of the PELVIS that is an important

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in circuses. It may lock the jaw so that the patient

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Dr. Henry W. Fraui nthal presented seven photographs

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Committee on the Poisons Schedule. On the suggestion