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If in a case of facial palsy the patient protrudes the tongue and
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vary in intensity. They may be slight or very severe.
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Deaver Monyhan and the Mayors prove conclusively that many
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Hall obsen ed that cases of aneurysm compressing the trachea
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recovery from trismus under its use. A second still more demon
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of pure air. Simple oxygen however could not disor
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quently the intervening soft friable tissue gives way.
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standing cases the lips of the neck become so enormously enlarged
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TABLE. Persistence of Bovine Tubercle Bacilli in the Blood
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a health officer of the United States Public Health Service Mr. Leslie
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ing by indigestible food or by a sudden change of food.
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that fats play a most important role in this condition.
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their successors are appointed at the next annual election.
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During the last week he has been up for some time every day
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answered a very good clinical purpose. It covered a
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bronchia glands with their associated peripheral lymphatic nodes and
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Hepatic flatness began at the sixth intercostal space and
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The earliest recorded discovery of thermal springs. J.
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manent and constitutional it depends upon an alteration
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