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called to consult me. She had acute retroflexion of the
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just preceding dissolution when the temperature may be as high
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phate as Epsom or Glauber salts. The former is given in the
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of tlio sacrum. As the elevation is increased antever
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mentioned as having sent patients to Mrs. Van Niekerk.
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antitoxin and other biologic products are marketed to day. This
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coming to Frankfort when he reached Hamburg would be furnished by a
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late in pregnancy so the rights of the unborn child
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gonorrhoea to chancre. In cases in which inoculation with
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be made for an interview with the Registrar before proceeding
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lesion strictly limited to the motor speech centre would not cause agraphia
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the following letter from the lady already mentioned.
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days or more while the control animals died in from twenty eight to
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sence of a specific antitoxin one should not treat the
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tlie larynx is characterized by a new growth of connective tissue laryngitis
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being organized as a division should nave four field
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department which is in need of supervision or extra effort in order
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inal wall especially if the individual be spare enables
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circulatory apparatus. The liver was slightly enlarged the
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