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is usually enlarged and presents the common appearances of portal cirrhosis

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should be inaugurated at the earliest possible moment.

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If a legal qualification in State Medicine is to be practically

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puscles. The fibrinous exudation may be almost pure

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uterine colic were due to the absence of active dilatation

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motile bacilli. Culture made and sent to the laboratory

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in the non gouty types of arthritis than in the gouty

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periosteum only and the soft structures adjacent or

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From dysenteric ulceration the typhoid ulcer will be distinguished

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but no CPR had been administered prior to their arrival

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lation of small po.x and vaccination. Mie Eisei Za shi

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a large accession of nucleated red cells and Jolly bodies. Three and a

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in quantity. The digestion may be much delayed and on washing out the