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is true that Dr. Brand himself and most of his follow

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almost aa rarely survived. It is impossible to state the average mortality.

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our army will be stationed in the sparsely settled Terri

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Referring again to the Military Surgeon for January

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striatum and the white matter one quarter of an inch in dia

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At fourteen Crawford W. Long entered Franklin College now

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them it does not always invite their confidence some

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told how he had watched the growth of the institution and how

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in the form of rarefaction or increased density. Osseous excrescences or

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assigned to them in years past while those of the artiads are

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either husband or wife had objected to his presence.

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eight persons. You will notice that no such contraction

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In the first place I challenge anyone to show where

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more earnest to lay before the reader grounds of general con

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means of support. In what originates the very keen choice

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the greatest importance. A difficulty in investigating the function of

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such a bladder expel its contents. Under these con

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a disinfectant may often be multiple. Corrosive sublimate for

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groups for the exclusive use of which one finds many special pleaders.

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Our instruments should be sterilized in order to do this they

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commission as a regiment whilst the fact of the uniform remaining


treatment of mankind under the pretext of trying to benefit them

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commencement with severe irritability of the stomach and

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point of view may be dispensed with for fracture treatment

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ineffective and needs some stimulating expectorant to

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difierent gases or liquids. The fluids should be compared under ex

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calf which he says grows under the real tongue during intra

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The arsenical compounds are used as alterative tonics in

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in rickets and thymectomy the calcium metabolism shows definite

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being included. The patient did well ionococci were

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There are two asjjecti in which we may view the teacher as a

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leniy kisbek. Internal obstruction of intestines. Voy

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Dr. Druitt notices that the kind of system he advocates was

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analyst for the City of Loudon indicates that arsenical wall papers

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upon a luetic soil Among tuberculous inmates of Boucicaut