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admitted to the hospital February. She had given birth to
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Dr. Park mentioned two cases of pins in the urethra
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medical students entered in the German universities
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temptation or the means of self gratification the not inconsiderable
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of fact the model which I showed liefore the Academy
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at night aching pain in ih.Q cheat and impeded breath numbness of the
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even of the abdominal tenderness on pressure and two quiet
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Hygienic Institute of the University of Strassburg. Of
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atrophied. The thickened capsule hardly ever exercises sufficient pi essure
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weight and bearing down and uneasiness in the lower part of the
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interest ffom the rapid development of the polypus
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up the patient to normal weight normal appearance and nor
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absurd my experience on former occasions however deter
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anterior chamber which sometimes were severe. The formation of Vossius
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numerary one. Examination however by the ray showed
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The Inst and most serious consideration is how to avert
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Since the date of this case I have learned by expe
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of particulars Both propositions have been supported by learned
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at the same time justified by abundant evidence the sug
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condition of affairs and to induce them to take as the
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disease increases the pain becomes intense he dashes.
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nificance than any other organ examined with the naked eye.
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occurrence of a n gular flov of blood from tlie genital
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sodium appears to induce in the nasal branches of the fifth nerve
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ence. For the attention of pathologists seems hitherto to have been
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of this time the patient returned complaining of insup
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that it would gather from all parts and the studies
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I believe a case of this tumour was operated on by Mr.
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Cream Sponge Cake. Gertie of Kewanee Wis. prefers cream in
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recommended in chronic intermittent fever with enlargement of the
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Mustard plasters should be placed over the heart and spine.
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diagnosis of this lesion. Surgery profited thereby and the application of
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was perched on the end of the root. This might come
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When I first went to India calomel chiefly in combination with
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could he get circulation without doing what he did There