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such cases of chronic indigestion demand the closest scrutiny every method

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it was said that the pestilence had been stayed. One of the

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sweat. Passage of a fluid through the tissue of any

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obstruction in the thoracic portion of the oesophagus so threw

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when the pressure is within the thoracic cavity Ave can rarely hope

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tion frequent and painful while in others it was high

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each nursing and washed off before each nursing is an efficient certain

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Legg calls attention to the appearance of xanthelasma

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of drawing the contents by expression or aspiration. Concerning

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nosis of this condition in the early stages. In these one

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veals only an occasional faint glimpse of some vital

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When the chest is auscultated in this stage there is always dry

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previous to her admission had not felt quite as well as usual. Still

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very difficult. Next in merit would come the best raw

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cheap hall and rude benches. Occasional dissections in I

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There are two more points of surgical practice on which a word

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sinuses. The dura was intact. Quite extensive lepto

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ment of these seems to count as nothing to him. Med

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The Ganglia have been viewed as Distinct Nervous Centres This Opinion

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Curvature of the spine then either in the anterior

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Brown B W. passed assistant surgeon. Granted leave of

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unlimited amount and the foreign matter held in suspeti

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satisfactorily to this method than to the older one. The

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been fixed. The methylic alcohol does all the fixing

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of heat on the tissues but to vasomotor disturbance and therefore

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Sullivan s name as Professor of Practical Anatomy Univer

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of disease established upon a firm basis and extended

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or cleansing agents known. To prepare it for une add four gallons

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vessels required a ligature. All clots being now washed

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the tendency might he to enhance the action of the mustard gas on

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ing out the colon I injected twenty oimces of milk and

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the alveolar process of both the superior and inferior maxil

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treatment with carbolic acid for contagious abortion extending