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and ahalf inches in length and an inch and a half in breadth.
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rise to some difficulty in diagnosis. The occurrence of the signs
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No. both lungs were solidified and on section showed many
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taking beer chiefly. He drank in an odd way he seemed to have
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than the grey matter of the convolutions. The lesion was gummatous.
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stimulants may be it is necessary to confess that they will not
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is important. Patients may in some cases be persuaded to resume
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nal walls contracted. But repair of the perinaeum will do
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Petri dishes from one to five minutes in various locations in
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Chemical tests Saw the calcidus in two take some ot
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romance. His account of the Canadian rebellion in is
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alone. Hyperesthesia is the most characteristic symptom if one
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patient noticed that she would have a discharge of blood from the vagina
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remained free from albuminuria. Therefore his conclusion was that
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though peculiar yet inflammatory Arthritis is an affection of
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The Employment f Solutions of Toluidin Blue as Collyria
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use any truss. As to the exact time when the hernia
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enlarged tonsils and adenoids the idea suggested it
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Dr. Porcher of Charleston follows Blair s treatment so far as
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for their prompt replies to our Circular and for the trouble
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Webber did not think it desirable or wise to send her
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