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ployed for measuring the force of the osmotic pressure

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mine it differs from the others by its extreme adherence to

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Escaloped Oysters or Oyster Pie With Crackers. Oysters

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is no stenosis. This in time however may give rise to dilatation and

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that trachoma began to attract the attention of physicians to any great

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tion will be more gentle than on the back and limbs for

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there are certain definite relations between albumin and the bacterial

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leg remained immovably fixed upon a curved Potts splint and the

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the disease. These toxins apparently lead to changes in the renal epithelium

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does the Osteopath mean when he says he stimulates or inhibits Second

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The second paper discusses Disease of the Hip joint. We

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let or which necessitates incision of the sphincter may

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gruel diet until all danger signs have disappeared. If thirst

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tion from the nose at regular intervals for six months

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Having made these general observations I may observe in

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concern that furnishes you with bread and butter. Loyalty con

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milk One report suggests that concentrations in breast

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almost impossible at the very beginning to say how we must

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to yield much information of a practically applicable kind. There

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maining excess is the repugnance which women feel much

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to death in one s own vessels. An interesting observation has

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diseases. This is evidently a great mistake and it is

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have at our command several methods which will give satisfactory re

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