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reasonable time say within an hour or so send for a doctor.
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lence. He made a study of the subject in a series of
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injuries and from previous knowledge of his constitution
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the weakness of the small hand muscles and relative
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Cases and In these two cases an osteoplastic flap was made.
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the umbilical vein and it is evident that when this supply is
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losis and syphilis may or may not be factors of considerable importance
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was unavoidable render imperfect the account of a case
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reports of centrifuged urines or prostatic and semi
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gestion which is from obstruction to the return flow of blood which
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of typhoid arise from infecting germs introduced into the system
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extent and the test might be made use of in the diag
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On the Gold Coast Dr. Prout the Government medical officer.
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hypodermically is the best remedy. The diabetes in this particular
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from the date of operation. Necropsy confirmed the provisional
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decided results it is true but the taenia echinococcus has been found
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process. This is comforting for the surgeon to know who during the
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the world and which has rendered such services to agriculture
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eastern Gulf States with tlieir humid atmosphere anr
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scrotum was thick and massy and on cutting further he came down
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Dr. Dickinson said that the amount of urea had not been
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urine and general wear that are superior to any of the others.
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some others are entitled to the name of protective diseases
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of so much importance as that connected with children. It will be
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disease was often associated with hypertrophy of the
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ately from seven to eleven times greater following the imtation of the hemispheres
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farmers are so ignorant and short sighted as to fail to appreciate
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date especially since its existence cannot always be
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the operation of physical and chemical laws in living beings for the most
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Such a doctrine is properly fatal to our position in the eyes
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