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consumption in the state during the last five or even ten years the

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been obtained in hemorrhagic cases five out of nine having re

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aH the diseases controlled by Catalytic medicines an active

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not a symptom of sufficient diagnostic value to enable the physician

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but it is still quite so. At the present day we are

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state. It is essentially a little treatise on emergencies and

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regret in Poona which will be shared by his many friends in this

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The Americans are not the only rude people to whom we

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When we arrived at noon the apparent improvement still continued. The tem

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ing of new laws and the initiation of further quarantine

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Fig. a. Luxation Be the dorsum with the head of the

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Chronic affections of the genito urinary mucous membranes

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physicians are asked to stretch their consciences so much as that

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from this cause might obtain among the same number of

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large exposures of industrial workers and both show a quite remarkable reduction

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late he has joined the Metropolitan Road Drivers Association

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plantation the patient passed a mass of dctritns with some hemorrhage

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but are brought in with the various inseparable considerations concern

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on which the bacilli grow. Although they do not themselves pene

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nfflciale in rapporto all esercizio pratico della mediciua legale

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terminating with pyaemia as the apparent result of the

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mined. If hyperkalemia develops substitute a thiazide

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patient has after the establishment of apparent cure

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yet we see here the origin of our system of notification and quarantine

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by Justa adopted by several writers in our own country as Mr.

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Of especial importance is genuine croupous pneumonia. Post mortem in

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ened injury to himself.. When the advantage that he gains is very

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about beds in four wards in which are received females

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longitudinally and besides the serous cysts there are exposed several large

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cases in one family six of which were fatal and eight cases in

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shown in changing a refractory patient from chloro

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who were not handlers of alcohol were compared with the

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and will expel tenia and other worms. Dose of the powdered