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entertaining and very instructive report upon leprosy in Europe

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The regulations also provide that ten Medical Practitioners

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under the authority of the faculty of some regularly incorporated medical

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physical man preceded the mental activities. In the ideal republic

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emotional insanity insanity of the will or moral insan

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require a description suffice it to say that according to M.

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ach especially an hour or two after a hearty meal. Three

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often obscuring completely the reticulum of the gland except in the

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tube dilated to form a haematosalpinx with a complete torsion at its

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swallowing but the closure of the larynx or nasal cavities may

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Pacific is at present too incomplete but as far as known

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vomiting diarrhea constipation Gl pain nervousness

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It logins at.a period varying from about fifteen minutes

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cellular infiltration. As the case proceeds the epithelial layer tends to

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udder and feet may possibly be associated with traumatic irri

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Operation. Scleral incision made at point nearest foreign body

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were found to develop after the operation of docking there was simul

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cribed to septicemia as it appears to be independent of

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administrators state medical and nursing associations

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been shown but seems to be different in different places.

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This whom for short we will have to call J hn.

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its general danger. He gives the results of Thomas Davies s operations

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more nourishment than any other liquid preparation of meat and when properly

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muscles of the face though they may be smaller on the

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saving to the physician much valuable time and labor

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Genital horse pox is a highly contagious disease which

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