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on the limb. The knee joint on the opposite side was
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doctors as illustrated by the outbreak of the plague at
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neoplasms four major groups must be recognized viz. normal
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by examining into the merits of the case and by obtaining
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plied chloride of zinc paste and at this date May loth the left
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parently then there is no difference between the composition of the
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instance when a thread is passed through a hydrocele
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of some other micro organism influencing the action of the bacillus
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When one is inoculated with a tumor coming from a mouse it
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if possible be kept in bed until the febrile manifesta
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course. Thus the contents of the stomach may one day show
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as in clinical medicine we have to deal not with diseases but with
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lorus dilatation perforation and peritonitis a clinical
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two months and enlargement of the testicles for the last five
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some contraction of tissue and therefore resistance
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free from bacilli many granular particles which could be
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through for about half an hour when the mixer will be
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will greatly increase the amount of moisture elimi
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more fully appear hereafter that colours called emphatical becaufe not
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them although they may sometimes be caused by movement. Tapping or
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cannot recommend the metliod for diagnostic purposes. Much of the literature
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tion to these articles that the department of Book Reviews
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mouth the lesions being widely scattered over the gums the roof of the
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Of the five cases of traumatic erysipelas the two of ery
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which as well as elsewhere on the body the skin was perfectly normal.
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sputum no influence upon temperature perspiration nor body
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beaten white of one egg and mix all thoroughly. Turn into
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fall of a committee of Congress investigated the Bank and on Janu
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two numbers of the Modern Medical News the Japanese
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ing urates and phosphates in excess uric acid and occa