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stomach of about normal size and inflation confirms this and shows
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flamed area a pure culture was obtained similar to that
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It was thus correctly anticipated that the procurement of officers who could
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lungs for a long time considered characteristic have been
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disease they must act either as a predisposing influence for the true
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myocardial disturbance is added to the previous renal picture. They
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disinfectant in typhoid fever lessening tympany and promoting
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from the centre towards the periphery. Many explanations have been
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Many birds bring insects and worms to their yet unfledged
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borative factors of results arrived at by auscultation and
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sound it is a pity that the fact of holding the place
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increase in the thickness of its walls and approach to the
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probably result in displacing ten or twenty little growths
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stated by Dr. AI. Duncan in a paper read before the Obstetric Medicine
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assistant to the surgeon at camp of Seventh Infantry.
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other ages even to extreme old age as formerly still regularly pay their
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which is often the case in women and the well recognized
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of the spine arrested deydopment of the thorax and finally from yolu
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the stomach of water and egg white and the retention of other substances
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pany the renal degeneration are unreliable. Albumin in
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toga present great variety and potency for drinking
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ments of the body generates an antipneurootoxin which circulates in the
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Evidently those organisms had the power of varying only in particular
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of London used it in preference to all other remedies.
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injections of nitrate of silver and sulphate of zinc were used.
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Upon exposure to the sun or reflected heat for days af
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ciated nerve centres becoming also involved as they
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of organised lymph were floating from its peritoneal coat. The
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terior wall of the cervix over the metreurynter for
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reaction can be obtained by the Health Department. As regards the new name
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nnc strychnia opium cannabis indica and various antispasmodics. Of the
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and albumin. Fifty per cent of these cases prove fatal.
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ization of the urethra due to the fact that the excitation of the
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ulcerated throats with acute inflammation resembling
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their slightly contagious character and their low mortality in Park s
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