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On digital examination per vaginam nothing abnormal

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subject matter. In the preface to this edition the author

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a peculiar fear are the prominent symptoms in this respect.

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gradient So It involves o Donnm membrane equilibria that aris

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invades the nerve nuclei of the eye muscles giving rise to mus

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Health of the Troops at Santiago. The number of cases

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entitled The Occasional Difficulty in Diagnosis Retv

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which the effect probably was to draw on the ovarian

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distended median section pus and fibrinous flakes appear. Cavity contains

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tration of cathartics which have the power to produce

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distinctly around the central veins the distribution like

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be influenced by advertisements no matter in what journal

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pathetic although I have had occasion to observe and

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separated from the vagina by the hymen membrane. It

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out. Some of these tubes are spiral others are straight. On some

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They are not to be given however as a matter of routine. The

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Please send sample of Celerina I pay express charges.

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paragraph was changed to permit direct channels only on matters of a routine

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because post mortem records of chorea are concerned mainly with the

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the preliminary shrinkage of the endothelial cells.

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beak to hitch against the prostate and bring the cautery into contact with

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tral cause for the dicrotic Avave the author differs from Bunion Sanderson

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Newman uses a di ainage tube but Morris recommends packing the

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methods of treatment tried under the most favourable circum

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when applied by means of a brush penetrates the hair more quickly

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following conclusions from tabulated reports of death

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A remarkably fine girl two mouths old was brought to

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ing etc. Also in atrophy of the sternomastoid the aesthetic side must

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Diagnosis. Three important questions have to be answered in this

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bound to inquire into anything and everything however