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afforded to poor law medical officers would be exceedingly valuable to them
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In this work two procedures were adopted a The plasma was
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these were in adults only one or two cases being in children. The
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lightfully surprising in their modernity to be found
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With regard to this question the facts adduced at p. in reference
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sidered characteristic of acute poliomyelitis in man Mathers. This is in
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gions it is equally perhaps even more important to do
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in years in whom in addition to the stage like development of stupefaction
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ous and more effective than the dense meshwork of vas
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as indicated by the pulse the state of the secretions and
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twelve I injected another similar quantity into the same vein
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you. The fatty deposits are slightly tender on pressure. The absence of senile
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and anteverted position in which his operation fixes it. An assistant
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ing biological tests in an experiment designed to as
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disease. In cases of inoculation there may be a mixture
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advancing columns of Rosecrans s army to descend into
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for India declared three years ago at a gathering of convocation of the
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by a thick ligature. If the symptom complex were purely a nerve reflex
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the bedside. What as physicians we specially need in examining and determining a
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ful in obstetrical practice than the means used hitherto.
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instrument was introduced near the middle of the dorsal spine and passed
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inhibited to a marked degree by violet and green dyes. Staphylococci
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Pathology. VMien they have penetrated the tissues the actino
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Fish kept in the cold room to C. and put from there
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withal healthy became the subjects of certain extraordinary attacks.
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phthisis of the lungs with growing difficulty of breathing and
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the structure was that of a poorly vascularized new formed connective
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with various uneasy symptoms is speedily removed by a dose of
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ply of blood doubly increased by the dilatation of its own
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effects of rubbing the surface are probably due to movement of the
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recommends oil of the leaves of eucalyptus administered by inhalation as a
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to be expected academic and purely theoretical objec
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appearance of the ulcer itself which presented quite a different
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and blood vessels becoming paralyzed as well as the body and limbs.
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Moved and supported that the Secretary be allowed in
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It is no wonder then that the subject of sleeping sickness
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prognosis and the treatment as mucli as the diagnosis.
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within a period of one month and of these no fewer than