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sized by sanitarians and physicians in the past and

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act as the best proof that his error was one arising from

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rather than pachymeningitis since the dura is only secondarily involved.

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where the rest loses itself in the adhesions and cannot

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physeotomy. Such cases present the positive indica

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all this time there may be a state of exalted excitability of the

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attributes the causative role to certain contents of epithelial cells

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kind very well it is hard to get their tissues into good

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artificial inoculation shorter. On the haired portions of the body

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silver to an ounce of distilled water. In many cases the

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overflowing of that generous manly nature which charac

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had extended experience in this form of the disease. It is

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Dr. McWeeney suggested that bacilli not giving full

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family and to society at large and our early recognition

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other cases in which the muscle was torn completely

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where the disease had extended to the areolar tissue in a cicatrix

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In very few of the cases I have attended have there been any

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in both the men who were patients in Saint Agnes s ward death

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influence became widely diffused that the occurrence of the disease

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of a vegetable infusion or its exposure to the air

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when the local inspector often a policeman or other non profes

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When disease of the heart has reached a pretty advanced stage

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correctly is to examine only a few kinds of specimens for

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THE present article will be limited to the consideration of that

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impressions being very greatly blunted while the current is

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immediate suture practiced free drainage being kept up through the

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lar or allied cases and the physician to text books of

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the right the right broad ligament passes over the vagina

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now required in Prussia. At present no one bacterial or

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time and taken a good deal of quinine can tolerate and

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ness in their general advance. In some cases however the patient

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the needle is passed under the thread connecting the

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In the flowers and fruits of the garden Dr. B. became a

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and of the same staining qualities as the cell inclusion. The bodies