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of power would have lasted at least eight or ten days.
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extremities are usually affected first by being swollen red and ver
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chance of life than any other method of treatment yet proposed. In
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duce symptoms in the organ with which it is joined and
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neuritis of the right shoulder. In June of the same year her attention
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ing was less and the left half was rather smaller than the
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which take place may be thus explained. When there is phrenitis
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lution. The wound was sutured with silk and the usual dress
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to paralysis if its application were vigorously pushed at least
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the seats of Egyptian culture in the sands of time.
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As co editor with Dr. John L. Coffin of Boston who has
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these two National Guard camps located about only miles apart
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and incubated with grams of fibrin through periods as shown at L.
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tion and he argued from this that the contractile element was really
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