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the haemorrhage follows injury than when it results from disease of the

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of the heart in hypertrophy of that organ occurring

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will be very eatly diminished. Poultices in case of very large boils

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In this country we are not accustomed to speak with such

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Telegrapher s cramp is practically the same disease as writer s

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Burn Brae has been in operation for more than a quarter

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eyes and spoke several words. He slept well the night after the

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nearest to the muscle to which the nerve is distributed. In

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and a little bread ext. cinchona grs. sweetened gum water

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adductors and any movement imparted to one limb was

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the skull presenting the patient to the Society. After the dis

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ing it and promises to veto the measure if he cannot

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organs over the functions and ultimately over the structure of others

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It must be also remembered that the uterus loses its eon

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of the normal output for a few hours to be followed later

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broken to him that he alone was the author of all this

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of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles to restore

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the serum is weakened and it may even be necessarj to

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signs for they represent morbid conditions whether the re

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The Popliteal Artery is a continuation of the femoral. It

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with distinction since and is held in high esteem by

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disc. In this active ossification is going on spongy masses of

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puncture or by very small incision immediately in front of

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injection. In case this does not occur a progressive

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fere with his career. For many years he rigidly adhered