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certain the extent of the injury. If the wound is long and

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have no more actual value than the toxin experiments

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this appears to be the case in certain instances it

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remedies. If the physician is not called until some time after the morbid

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toms are so definitely referable to one or two organs that their suspension

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three parts. In the first part there are entries ar

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in nine of my cases. It undoubtedly may arise from extension of inflammation

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suture material if suppuration does take place it is

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ding her decayed incisors. The coarse hair has been re

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and humerus on section showed scattered soft grayish white nodules.

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could not be called distinctly offensive. I never smelt

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sidered most desirable that the request of the commanding officer

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S veet marjoram compressed in ounce packages for retailing purposes.

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different climates are suited to different cases. In general the advantaga

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where everybody does everything from sweeping the floor emptying the toilet

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A PARLIAMENTARY return has been issued of all accidents which have

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a profound knowledge of mechanics and a long investigation to

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the tissues are bloodless and this dryness becomes the more striking when

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losis or nialipiant disease in the family. She had heen twice mar

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tainly nothing is insignificant which is thus capable of

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associate advisor continues to be successful. It is

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into the circulation and retained by a continuance of

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including waste to every pounds of body weight divided

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springs than to the high temperature of the latter to the

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when last heard from some eight months after operation it was in

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followmg clause We leave it to our successors together

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was probably a real adrenal injury produced by the typhoid infection

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The Conservative Treatment of Undescended Testicle.

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the urine is iliseliari. eil on the snrl aee Ironi the uneovereil ureteral

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Mr. Robert Stedman Medical Officer of Health for the Bedford

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tion to the anterior border of the motor part of the facial nerve.

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paper read by Dr. Skinner is of great practical value. I have

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