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Myopia probably presents the strongest evidences of inheritance of

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importance in connection with the surgical aspect of the

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organs of the foetal body arc considered to be sufficiently

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are urgent and the patient fully realizes the gravity

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frequent association of a cutaneous jaundice. Also the

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the Cleary house in Wright St. dying d August. Other cases were

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event and share with him even indirectly and collectively

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Kyle on the Nose and Throat. Diseases of the Nose and

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luxation of the patella confinement to bed and the application of

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splendid instruments are thus within the reach of every phj sician.

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ture. Ordinary treatment had very little effect on these

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remains the same it does not indicate any remission of the fever whoso

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tubating I watched the little fellow for two hours and saw the dyspnoea

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inch or two in the middle there are nice healthy granu

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events the testicle undergoes atrophy. In most cases

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walked with great difficulty when taken out of the sling. At

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changes with special regard to the glomeruli. Experiments

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case was entirely cured within two months and she had not had local

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Operation May th. Abdomen opened in the usual way. On

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him to posterity. But at first he was still beset by

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and when cavity formation takes place a marked leukocytosis

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approval of the Local Government Board. It is doubtful that

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Canal. He lOsitiAcly denies boarding any vessel digging in the ballast

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a cardiac neurosis the heart symptoms greatly dominate the disease picture

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diseases that have seriously afflicted the Indians.

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ostracized if he will but do his duty. cherish also

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not arouse her. Her breathing was difficult and shal

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are so difficult to attain in practice that there can be no

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emotion pyaemia fevers etc. Case. Jaundice from pyaemia

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There was a scalp wound at the back of the head of small

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the presence of a protozoon to which the name Leishman

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after a sweat bath as after an ordinary bath. The ad

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iorly. You need not fear hemorrhage if it should occur to any

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gans such as the liver and lungs or again in the mesentery and

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if not more effective at least more readily and more abun

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carriage. For some days after the operation the wound

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havej ia om h adg led also to ribose rthosster derivatives

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