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Dr. DuNDAS G kant wrote as follows Since Dr. Christian Eolmes
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swelling in each instance they were about cm. apart.
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these alarming symptoms disappeared. During the further progress of
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Mild reactions are characterized by an itchy urticarial or ery
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The following officers for the coming year w ere nominated by
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by the Secretary of War and the chief veterinarian shall report directly to
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undertakings to instruct us himself. For many years
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On examination one good mark was found on the left arm
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Spasmodica per Indiam Orientalem nuper grassatus est.
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after acute articular gout with no rheumatic antecedents.
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tenance of a sound and vigorous condition of the heart
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might also be self sacrifice of the originally weak. With regard
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the author performed a long series of experiments with
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irregular action of the muscles. They are in the beginning of minor intensity
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not occur. In such cases the act of vomiting is usually not
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instilled into the ear once or twice daily after syringing and wiping
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known as the Adamson Ring Joint from the name of the original inventor.
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