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hospital with a definite maculo papular rash and very acute tenderness over

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Drs. Salmon Huidekoper Hoskins and Clement of the Army

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known. Eczema is always liable to recur when the irritation is

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alkaloid principle of the plant but no satisfactory experiments

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Meckel speaks of numerous small abscesses in the liver caused by inflammation of

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a country. This is not correct. The history of the Cattle

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The patient made an uninterrupted recovery. After treat

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pearance throughout was that of uterine myomas. They

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stimulation have a high value in cardio vascular disorders. Their general

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dren which had gotten well without any bad symptoms

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from Naples to Rome with its abundant supply of pure water and from

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old teacher and friend he could not say otherwise than

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contracted pelves. There are face presentations wherein anterior rotation

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These men are required to bathe often. They are sup

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made on account of an observation on complement fixation for tuber

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igin of generation growth by nutrition and termina

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numerous class wno give it for nb reason in particular. Calomel is the

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legitimate. Czermak Mackenzie and their disciples have carried the

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of fulfilling responsible university positions whether

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the last forty years has advocated the localisation of the

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out. I am much more inclined fco attribute it to one of two

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visions should be made for the care of young children

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In his remarks upon the nature and causes of bilious colic

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a coughing attack after meals for which he knew no cause.

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Synonyms. Hcemo hepatogenous jaundice Afanassiew Jaundice of poly

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of the uterus was in a sphacelated condition and came away with the

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in the wall of the sac or to the stretching or tear

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which I laid claim assuring her that whoever made trial of

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der joints thai possess all varieties ol motion. The intro

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Microscopical examination of a case showed an infiltration of lymph

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of separating waste materials and fluids from the blood and

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allotted to Clinical Instruction. Attendance upon three regular

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f Excepting the unusual prevalence of the disease here and it

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hypochondrium. and comes on from two to four hours after meala are