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the ribs than the spinal column did the same. He now
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fered in some respects from that originally observed.
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terial content of the milk the efficiency of the pasteurization and the
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oppresses the world. It is therefore thought that if an
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vessels that the opinion is guided but by those circumstances
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Sweet Spirits of Niter. Dose for a child one year old is
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interstitial syphilis might resemble linitis plastica.
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gina and of nasal and aural discharge and following attacks
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and with considerable difficulty introduced a second. A small quantity
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late stages leucocytosis is not uncommon and it may
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creep to put his arms down the soft arm bones begin
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plement fixation. The conjunctival test does not interfere with
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prospects of recovery were doubtful and the patient might
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If this method would successfully help them it would be
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results of his treatment of SS cases of tuberculosis
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Dr. Wood explained his report and urged its adoption.
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the tumor which rarely if ever extended further forward
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now introduced and the liver held aside by the fingers of an assistant.
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culosis of the cerebral substance or of the meninges. Such
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It was decided to hold the clinic at the Veterinary Depart
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who come up from the country to London should be those whom
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There was more or less hyperplasia of the blood forming
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cloudiness or bewilderment wHcli may or may not develop
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