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ment. During the period of training the patients are
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A Hand book of Ophthalmic Surgery y for the use of Prac
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Nor is the locating of a patient to be neglected. Never should you
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which acquire the disease most often are young pigs and dogs
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of breath or had cyanotic discoloration of the face.
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is civil malpractice. But if done deliberately or wrong
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diaphragm about the liver less frequently about the intestines and mesentery.
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It is no wonder therefore that the work pubHshed by Schiotz
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tions and to the State to take no risks in these cases
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relation of habitual hypcrhidrosis pedum and bronchial asthma.
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subside leaving the foot however very sensitive. Pressure of a slipper
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The relation of the Dairyman the State Sanitary Board and
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