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During the year the number of new members admitted was
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Orleans. Owing to the inaccessibility of medical officers who had
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Lift the gutta percha dressing by one corner with forceps
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dered ipecacuanha and opium and one ounce of sulphate of potassa.
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Every surgeon will also recall instances where these
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color contrasting markedly with the white matter. When the change is
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pare the results found with one ear closed and those
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periods it was thought that all her trouble was of uterine origin
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In basic pneumonia the subclavicular percussion note may be distinctly
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sure I have seen just as much benefit from the sulphurous acid
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recurred alternating with brownish watery discharge. Tents
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This was done and nothing found. The question then arose
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as post typhoid elevations of temperature. They are recrudescences of the
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conditions suffered a high morbidity from typhoid. Its
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the oesophagus annular or fusiform in shape and concerns the mucosa and
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pain when extension is carried until the buttocks begin to rotate