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and not to be lightly rejected. Does the name mean anything

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cessors entertained a notion that the diarrhoea of phthisis is a species

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unconscious for a period of thirty minutes at a time. They kept


among the members of each district society. Thus the whole character

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As indicated at the outset my conception in the main has been

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sitivity in areas where the propensity for emboliza

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Dick and Murray call attention to the fact that the

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port of the argument. My own mother now in her fifty

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nursing homes An eradication program with permethrin cream. J

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to separate from the blood some peculiar substance which is

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rying out in every department of the laboratory investigation and

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or class of diseases where is the Doctor whose days are not

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methylen tetramin the acid combined with the ammonia being

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In local and general congestions it relieves the surface

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It is covered with gauze and is ready for instant use. They supply

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tions are not onh theoretically interesting but are practically very

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marked difference in the character and the sequence of

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recurrent or motor laryngeal nerve produced by an aneurism of

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Cuvier noticed the deficiency of the two external lobes of the sub

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has been found affected as well as the central ner

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throat when they catch cold or take the sUghtest chill. Acute tonsillitis

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Sedatives are agents which reduce functional activity and

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doses are For lambs four to twelve months old to oz.

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TransactionstoT vol. xlvi. I have had two more suc ssfnl

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The carbohydrates in the food should be reduced to a minimum.

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fessor Dick who had a very high opinion of its excellence.

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was relieved by hot fomentation but he made several unsuccess

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she failed especially with blue. During her stay in the hospital

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with or without it the bill is necessary to provide the groundwork for

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nervous system which here we Will only define in passing. We

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was however not progressive the pathological changes were very

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tube is not unfavorable.. In cases of considerable effusion an obvious

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of the skin. The exudation remains less abundant in the superior layers of

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in the serous and mucous membranes and in some of the

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being closely packed about the head. Iced water is then allowed to drip

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into his mouth and hooked up the base of the tongue when

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considering himself well withdrew from observation.

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the heart may be unloaded. For this purpose venesection may be

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laparotomy for this and a laparotomy for that and indeed the term

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surface of the lens in accommodation causes a widening of the

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ings formerly urged by Mr Erskine the mandamus was refused

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instructions about disinfecting and burying the axcreta

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Caspar PelCER was Professor of Medicine at Wittenberg

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ments of Towns by Dr. Stephen Smith a Report of the Committee

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Prog nosis. The outlook in thoracic aneurism is always grave. Life