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After treatment. As regards the final dressings these
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symptoms if the microscope be not used and yet irritant injections
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patients freezing of the skin surface by ethyl chloride
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such as might materially interfere with the success of the operation
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of eruption. The throat symptoms however are usually absent and the
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the effects of stimulating injections which if thrown into the
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friable so that it will have to be removed in small
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sufficient primarily or the pills are old and hard and
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in other cases it remains for a long while or permanently indurated
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dometritis even in the case of acute tubal and peri
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propriate for its accomplishment here is this agent which is
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As to the peritoneal fibroid mass it was studded with more or
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ing physical and mental phenomena with each other as we are at
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nerve fibres distributed to muscle and some other tissues with
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large to make cerl tin that it will be representative
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result. Gummata may occur in the mucous membranes and pass
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History The specimen was obtained from the right Fallopian tube
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a few moments and then slowly straightening the legs
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the Am. Philosophical Society Jan. to May draws the following infer
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very prevalent until June following. During tins period it pre
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The following officers were duly elected and installed Dr. A.
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of all men came nearest the truth for he considered yellow
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imladen ventilated and purified the sick removed from
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Distension of the ccbdomen is a common cause of discomfort and
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remai k that in such women the pelvis is generallj somewhat
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Polk Weir. The statistics remain about the same. Polk s case
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had not changed and in some cases was worse and it was
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repaired by denuding the edges of the vagina and assing the
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only right to mention that some of the best and closest
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The ambition of superior cleanliness whether it be a
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This publication represents the views entertained by the
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meeting was in progress in aid of the town military