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a few convulsive movements and dies. Death is evidently due to syncope

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interrupted currents and finish with continuous. There is

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grace of motion which should characterize the action of the perfect

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the former quality being more characteristic of contused


the speculum from the ear. The rubber tubing should


In three days the growth was removed. It measured.

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It may be news to some that among the amazing things

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action of an analogous cause in the other though not so obvious

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the constant changes in cell structures or neurons

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that the catheter might have got embedded in the detached raucous

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they have wished to call the attention of the Academy and

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far as medical matters are concerned entirely uncivil

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immediately after it was abandoned by tbe British. He

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kept with the exception of the first attack which occurred in

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the other an apparently healthy embryo three or four inches

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definite diagnosis. It is therefore necessary that animals thus

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health at least to the extent of prohibiting its sale by persons living

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trance to the lachrymal sacbywaj of the lower canalic

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taken. Mice rats guinea pigs and rabbits were used. Solutions

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On the other hand a kidney only slightly displaced at time of

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carbonic oxide poisoning. In this light the great and

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treated by Gradual dilatation continuous dilatation

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Symptoms. The horse is very lame and he does not use

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exudate. A catarrhal inflammation attended only with profuse water

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small and I did not think it was necessary to hasten

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reports from Guy s Hospital on the frequency of gastric cancer suggests that

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taken place in Fort William because in many parts of the city the

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of the morphine labor pains came on and a foetus was expelled

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handling of lead or its compounds as the acetate nitrate

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Society held June rd and th at Avalon Catalina Island Cal

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ment and be suddenly taken with black vomit and die.

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epithelial cells and the attempt at formation of new

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