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exposure to a very low temperature. The presence of trophic lesions in

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will be given under the proper heads below. The mineral poisons

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ing several hours and leaving patient markedly prostrated. Three months after

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improved. He received seven or eight injections which almost completely

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tion and scientific basis. Review American Journal of Medi

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enumerates thirty one hundred cases of wounds of the pelvis six hun

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panied with more or less mental and moral disturbance even

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some effusion of bloody serum. The knuckle of bowel was strangu

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ple to be melancholic. He then did not know that it was

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those suffering from hypochondriasis. It may be due to reflex causes

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appearance of the sensitiveness to ether for a period

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there. We exert ourselves now starting from the opening of the

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be followed by most disastrous results and the chances

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Dr. Gregory so much abhors is that a reference to its reports

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scattered laboratory experiments during the last ten

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rheumatic fever is about one or two weeks of pneumo

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experience cases are rare in which serious symptoms are caused by simple

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of testing hypotheses and theories by accurate observation and experiment.

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occurs from lacerated crushed tissues he always tied

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ure is low the muscular weakness and depressed ner

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capable of giving rise to white leg and acts by preventing the

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or miscarriage. No instance of a pregnant uterus bipar

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infection for after all the punctum saliens in breathing is to obtain

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There were gastro enterotomies on account of carci

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putation of cervix and anterior and posterior colporraphy.

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mediastinum was filled with these masses. The upper

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portant while in the upper cervical region fixation

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ance of delicate operations as yet impossible or per

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sizes oz tube Vz oz tube or the versatile single use

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some have thought the changes in it to be characteristic. Fatty degeneration

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These four steps of the operation constitute a new method

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Turkey Com CorijdaUs Formosa. This perennial plant is called

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it extremely difficult to determine a normal standard so as

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pressing evil is required and that a special hospital is

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of the other organs. In spite of this though the diagnosis in a

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tions has made the following test in thirty cases. Ihe skni

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In this manner not only are the tetanic convulsions

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with a portion of the parietal peritoneum. The distal

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