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The wisdom of laying the cornerstone at Chicago and not
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SOB CBIPTION to the Association for became due on January
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The President said he would be glad to hear any remarks on the
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ternal lateral ligamentum patellae posterior these are
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rectum or in the small animals by external palpation as may
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Austen W. Gerald Edward D. Churchill Professor of Surgery Harvard
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sists of a deposition of lymph on the anterior capsule in
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is excellent when treated by this method. Before the elbow is placed
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writes to the British Medical Journal to recommend scarifica
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system of reflecting mirrors for the constant observation
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and may lead to death unless it is at once controlled. Should the
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present pandemic This would be a premature affirmation.
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human the livers are considerably larger and the network is
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merit reported by the Board but a qualified candidate not appointed
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small indurated nodule with an inflamed base. In eight hours it
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flammation treated in the usual manner. Occasionally
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wrist centre. Immediately beneath the exostosis and adherent to the
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the largest number of admissions as well as the most
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