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D. read a paper on the Transmissibility of Human Tubercu

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adherent the operation will be found difficult unless the bayonet

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hemorrhage. To control the hemorrhage immediate operation was essential

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ginous formation. They are most commonly responsible for the enorm

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which gradually accustom the patient to relatively considerable

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exist. So that we should do away with all the compound

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in July the labour being rendered very severe and tedious by extreme

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Pringle Kerr. Discussion on osteophytes and exostoses in gout and rheumatism Bain.

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London leaving it to the London University to continue

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these cases nux vomica and dilute hydrochloric acid.

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fully sutured and the wound was closed. At the expira

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painful and sometimes dangerous cutting out of such tumors. If

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sulphide Professor Macallura found that iron administered in

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Surgical Interference in Acute Intestinal Obstruction.

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great war. Beebe asserts that many cases of soldier s heart are

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bral atrophy and as a result of active or paasiye hyperemia.

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foot and not infrequently by the breaking or tearing off of the tip

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pharmacists dentists and social workers. In addition residents will be actively in

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exhaustion. His pulse is weak and fluttering his counte

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advocated the use of these agents to reduce tempera

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On Friday a resolution was presented condemning the practice

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