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The usual treatment consists in rest in bed leeches in acute cases and

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all the time. Consequently there must be a surplus and

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unnecessary. A number of fatal results have been recorded after lumbar

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chloroform. These cases are included in sections in

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Let us see how Dr. West s theory is borne out by the

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afternoon at home of one of the leading ladies on the

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points out that it is frequently confounded with malignant

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until the bloodroot is exhausted. Mix pariB of distilled water with the

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Pediatric Society should sacrifice one particle of its

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Powder. This will be all that will be needed in any ordinary

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this transmitted power that conduces so much to lon

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S inches long is made to fit the curved end of the trocar.

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Dr. Hinuston said that some years ago Dr. D Orsonnens

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in a large number of cases. This is due to the fact

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should be removed and that irritation of the tongue and cheeks

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of these cases however they did not find any evidence

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of the experimenters arrive with fine staphylomata and

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would be towards alla gt ing this condition that is keep comfortable as

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course of three weeks two or three severe attacks of haemop

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Glossolaf ial involvement is reported Remak and considerable variation

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powerful as the average specimens of malt extract. It will

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the patient being expected to stir up and swallow the

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ciation of the two diseases has nothing in common there is a possibility

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and tension made mounting very difficult and the enormous

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and hourly dropping through the sinks of all the dwellings of the

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ward and downward meeting the nerves from the paired ocelli

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first little increased but may reach. Nasal discharge serous

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against the vertex sometimes favors anterior rotation

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time the network in the inside undergoes dissolution. Finally

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Hepatoptosis. Floating liver is frequently not diagnosed due partly to

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of unvaccinated and therefore unprotected foreigners

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organisms of suppuration broken down liver cells bile pig

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sults are obtained by excising the scar after healing is com

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being consecutively developed and therefore being the results

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per mille and deaths or per mille were in the army of Bombay.

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increase and we will look anxiously for the return of those

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anthus and caffeine which are diuretics and glyceryl nitrate and erythrol