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the majority of cases which though really under observation are not

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gradual narrowing of the bow l and fulness may be noted over the

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that the abscess could not have found its way into the

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shape of a granulous precipitate while if the hardening

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poor patients. Of the patients presented in the field one

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mucous membrane was stained a dark colour. The origin of

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quent Detroit July and August temperature and as a consequence

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aphasia the patient fails to interpret some of these names or

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nine days after the reduction of a strangulated femoral hernia.

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none. By cutting off the lower half of the uterus he obtained

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A great deal has been said of the best manner of hold

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casts and the use of magenta in the detection of certain

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puerperal peritonitis and death in five days after de

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made to reproduce this original trauma and circumstan

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ing viscera. The uterine cavity may contain an indefinite

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rently without any throat symptoms. Hirschberg has once

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view that the danger in the Csesarean operation was thai the peritoneal

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cells but not infrequently with both processes together the

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There was on view a luminous watch and night compass.

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point to be considered being to render practicable trans

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understand that if from any cause a greatly increased action

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peritoneum from the bladder over the site of the tumor

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metals and some alloys and minerals show the same effects.

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general rule they do not need to be fed oftener than

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of resistance. The low mortality statistics of such

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Properties. Emetic cathartic alterative and somewhat narcotic. Has

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begun to increase in size about two years before the swelling

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Affections of the Hip Joint. Koenig considers two special

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normal there is tenderness over the epiphysial junctions. Where the epiphysial

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D. G. Cunningham superintendent of machinery and repairs at the

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fourteen days at which time its physiological action will in

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be reduced as follows Grasping the arm at the elbow joint