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the cephalic portion of the principal lobe of one or both lungs.

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of Graves Disease. Proposal for Securing Uniformity of Action in the Exclusion

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that it should be able to produce the very same disease in others.

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be taken much earlier in order to be successful. It may

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which the attacks occur and the general condition of the

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I. Subcutaneous Division of the Neck of the Femur for

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explains why so little uric acid is ordinarily found in the

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An interesting non occupational but nearly fatal case of zinc

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pressure a clear fluid separates and this contains the enzymes. An

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looking after the person and supplying his or her needs

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In this case the effect of the alcohol was probably simply that by

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or more attacks of convulsions from which the patient may recover

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braska with a great loss of horses cattle and sheep. The State